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November 15, 2013

Learning Robot
http://korean-products.com/inquiryViewmotion Co., Ltd. is a technology – and innovation – driven company focusing on the business of games, VR solutions, robots, character figures, etc., under the philosophy of “Feeling and Innovation.”

Viewmotion has been dedicated to creating and to searching plenty of unique cyber programs to match education needs for a long period of time. Its flagship item Talkingrobo, produced in Korea, is mainly designed for non-native English speakers to help exercise verbal communication skills. This device targets the international students who find learning to communicate verbally in English very challenging.

In a bid to lend a helping hand for them, Viewmotion, has launched a speaking-oriented English robot named “Talkingrobo.” Talkingrobo can be simply connected to personal computer with USB cable. Learners can practice English with artificially intelligent characters in a 3D virtual-reality world.

One of the great features of this device is that every single character can be created with artificial intelligence and be given optional personality. Thus, a user in the cyber world is able to enjoy talking the various persons and to practice his/her pronunciation in the dialogue section. In particular, UCC function that allows users to create their own world and dialogue with artificially intelligent character provides limitless environment for learns to train their verbal
communication skill without any limitations on both space and topics. Newly added image based modeling function will also give more fun rides to the users in their learning.

The price of talkingrobo is highly competitive to compare with monthly school tuition or other learning methods. Moreover, automatic program upgrade via internet connection is totally free of charge.

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