Hepatoprotective Medicine (PENNEL cap.)

Hepatoprotective Medicine
http://korean-products.com/inquiryFounded in 1975, PharmaKing Co., Ltd. became a leader in the hepatitis medicine field in Korea by developing innovative products reflecting the market needs. PharmaKing Co., Ltd. has been exporting the flagship hepatitis medicine “Pennel” to Egypt for more than 10 years. Its superiority has been internationally recognized, driving brisk sales meetings in numerous countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Turkey and the UAE.

Anti-Hepatitis, Anti-liver inflammation Pennel capsule is a patented (#137602) complex medicine with the optimal mixing rate of biphenyl dimethyl dicarboxylate
and garlic oil including organic sulfurous compounds (ally sulfide and allyl disulfide) which are known to inhibit hepatitis and cancer. In particular, it
normalizes the figure of SGPT (ALT) among transaminase which is an index indicating the degree of the liver cells’ destruction caused by hepatitis. Even after
stopping taking it, the hepatitis medicine keeps normalizing the level of SGPT (ALT). PharmaKing Co., Ltd. has recently passed through examinations of Yemen’s FDA and Pennel capsule started to be exported to Yemen.

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