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November 15, 2013

Mobile Phone Cases Korea Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 under the goal of quality assurance through innovative material & creative design as well as maximum customer satisfaction through reasonable price and on-time delivery.

NMTech Korea is the only company in Korea that specializes in researching, developing and producing specifically emblems for fashion/electronics/automotive and cases for mobile devices such as mobile phone/tablet PC and stationery. Regarding the objective estimation of its technology, NMTech set up its own laboratory, which has played a role in acquiring patents and lots of certificates including INNOBIZ, MAINBIZ, VENTURE, Promising Export Firm & etc.

FENICE mobile cases are seamless PU leather case that features simple and slim look by adopting magic tapes. The brand-new style leather cases are all made in Korea with the ultimate quality and the best customer service.

Special Features
– Magic Tapes: By adopting magic tapes, it is very easy to fix phone body without plastic housing.
– Easy to clean: Clean the magic tape just with wet cloth, and the magic tape has long lasting and recoverable adhesive power
– Fashionable & Simple design: Covered phone looks slim and fashionable like diary.
– Seamless surface and edge make it look simple.

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