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November 19, 2013

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1311C04] Nuga Medical Co., Ltd. (www.nugamedical.com) is one of Korea’s leading manufacturers and exporters of medical instruments such as thermal massage beds, lowfrequency devices, ultrasound equipment, etc.

Chairman Cho Syung-Hyun won the 51st Trader of the Month award for his contribution in growing the medical appliance manufacturer into an exporter that provides more than 90% of its products to 95 countries of the world including the U.S.A., Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Brazil by installing a sales network.
From the first start, Mr. Cho Syung-Hyun, the chairman of the company has targeted global consumers, expanding its presence in the global markets through aggressive marketing activities since he established Nuga in 2002.

With its cutting edge technology and distinguished customer services, Nuga Medical is rapidly growing with 126 employees in Korea and distributors in 95 countries. Since its inception in 2002, the company has recorded steady growth each year, and posted $300 million in the cumulative amount of exports for the past 10 years.

nuga best
Nuga Medical achieved $32.9 million of exports in 2008, $32.8 million exports in 2009 and $47.4 million exports in 2010, respectively. By item, $25.2 million worth of NUGA BEST NM-5000 and $6.4 million worth of NUGA BEST NM-2500, $4.1 million worth of NUGA BEST NM-80 and $15 million worth of others have been shipped abroad in 2012. By export market, $39.9 million worth of products have been shipped to the CIS, followed by Asia with $55.6 million worth of export volume, Europe with $21.6 million and North America with $26.6 million.

One of its flagship export items, NM-5000 is a personal combination heating and low frequency stimulator which combines acupressure and heating as a spinal rolling massager in combination of Oriental and Western medicine. The internal projector ceramic designed to move softly along the spinal curve has been greatly used for treatment in Oriental medicine, which provides acupressure and massage for the user’s muscles with the rolling massage up to the neck.

Tourmanium heating has been added by attaching Tourmanium ceramic to the special heater whose temperature control can be done between 40 ~ 70°C. The 5-ball projector made from Tourmanium designed ergonomically moves smoothly along the spinal curve and can be conveniently used for any area of the body.

The company is speeding up the development of even better quality products, and it has set itself a goal of increasing the number of export markets to more than 150 countries within 10 years.
President Cho Seung-hyun

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