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November 19, 2013

Wallpaper[INQ. NO. 1311C07]Wallpaper is one of the most important decorations for enhancing the interiors of residential or commercial premises. GAENARI Wallpaper is sure to provide a smart solution if you are serious about making a difference to the ambience in your living or working space.

GAENARI Wallpaper ( is a premium wallpaper company that has established its presence within and outside of Korea. Ever since its establishment in 1977, Gaenari has been solely focusing on developing and providing a full range of innovative and cost-effective wallpaper products by making the most of all its resources.

With a 36-year wealth of experience and having developed its own technology, the Korean company has made a name for itself, responding quickly to meeting customers’ demanding various requirements, and also giving quality. With 150 employees, the company’s export volume comprises about 20 percent of its total revenues, and its market base has been widened into Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia. GAENARI recorded exports worth $16 million last year within just four years after being awarded the One Million Dollars Export Tower in 2008. It went public as the first in the wallpaper industry in the Korea stock market in 1994.


“We feel confident that our company’s export volume will top $20 million by the end of this year thanks to the growing shipments to the Middle East,” said Mr. Kim Hun, CEO of GAENARI Wallpaper. He also added that GAENARI provides a range of different wallpapers which are manufactured with cultural differences of target markets in mind, so they are getting rave responses from many different countries.

Mr. Kim Hun received the 60th Trader of the Month award in honor of his contributions in achieving the excellent performance of the Korean wallpaper company in the global markets. Under strong leadership of Mr. Kim, who has taken over the company since 2003, GAENARI successfully managed to grow into a major wallpaper exporter in Korea that provides an array of eco-friendly premium wallpaper products.

In addition, GAENARI is the first Korean company in the field that installed RTO (Rotary Thermal Oxidizer) in its production facilities in a bid to protect the environment, fulfilling its social responsibility.

Furthermore, the company is striving to become a global leader through combined efforts such as constant analysis of the market trends, technical innovations and massive investments in human resources and production facilities.

Kim Hun

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