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November 25, 2013

Decoration Graphic Blind its founding in 2006, Decorama Inc. has specialized in producing high-quality interior decoration fabrics for use in homes and commercial premises and supplies them to 35 countries around the world.

Its interior decoration fabrics for interior decoration, blinds, drapery and wall-covering fabrics are widely used in hotels, cruise ships, healthcare, education facilities, restaurants and public areas.

Its advanced manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technology allow Decorama to produce the highest-quality fabric that has physical properties and eco-friendly flame retardance.

All of its decorative fabrics are manufactured with ecofriendly UV printing system. It is possible to magnify and reduce images fit for different room sizes. Equipped with a printing system that allows for high-quality eco-friendly printing for any kind of fabrics, Decorama can provide any colors of blinds that customers desire. In particular, Graphic Blind is a premium interior decoration that will create a trendy and stylish atmosphere.

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