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November 25, 2013

Fan Coil Unit It comes with a wireless remote control switch, and its wind flow rate is adjustable by three stages – high, medium and weak. By adding turbo, it also provides rapid cooling and heating with strong discharging.
2. The wind flow is uniformly discharged in 4-ways in front, rear, left and right direction.
3. The main body is built into the ceiling, and the rounded grille panel is installed meeting the ceiling space, which has no compelling feel, being well harmonized with interiors. (The color is basically black, but other coloring is possible.)
4. It uses turbo fan that generates much wind and reduces noise.
5. It has a built-in automatic drain pump. (600mm from outlet)
6. It is able to connect a maximum of 16 sets when wired remote control switch is used.
7. Discharging air flow is uniform with the added swing function.
8. It features low power consumption and high efficiency by adopting BLDC motor. (option)
9. With check valve, it can prevent drain back flow.(option)
10. The use of valves (2-way / 3-way) is recommended for energy saving. (option)
11. It is possible to discharge the air in one- and two-ways, depending on the user’s needs. The exposed type, encased type, ceiling-mounted type and floor standing type are available.

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