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December 11, 2013

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1312C36] CUCHEN IH pressure rice cooker suggests a new paradigm in the rice cooker market by providing the excellent design and technology to create an enjoyable and efficient cooking with reflection of customers’ experiences.

In terms of design, a smart and urban image was enhanced with use of a simple cylindrical shape in order to highlight the modern and functional elements through evolution from the past circular shape by developing the identity of the circle concept of CUCHEN. Not only the development of aesthetics but also the application of ejection-molded hairlines instead of real stainless steel saved the cost, improved the productivity, and provided consistent quality control. Also, in order to solve the problems of electronic waves of IH products, the paint which can block electric waves was applied.

The complicated menu selection system was simplified with reflection of the customers’ experiences by applying jogshuttle control method for the first time in case of rice cooker market and visible operation convenience was provided with application of a magic display technique. Another strong point of CUCHEN is upgraded thermal insulation function; the differentiated function is emphasized trough visible LED color changes in order to show the operation state of “smart thermal insulation” function and, therefore, the customers may be informed of the insulation state without opening the rice cooker. A smart sensor is mounted at the front lower base for control to meet the season and environment with detection of outside temperature and humidity.

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