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December 11, 2013

Paper Furniture[INQ. NO. 1312C09] Green Gaia designs and manufactures paper furniture that can be used by anyone in daily living under the brand name of Funny Paper in Korea.

For the safety issue, paper-furniture from Funny Paper is made of safe and reliable corrugated cardboard and has been approved by thorough paper composition tests and subsequently proved to be free of heavy metals such as lead or mercury. As the furniture is made of double reinforced corrugated cardboard, it is also sturdy enough for adults to use.

And, the paper furniture can be assembled without scissors, knives and glues. When it is torn down, it can be completely reused. Most of all, children who are playing with this paper furniture will be able to develop space awareness and creativity.

As every piece is connected with furrows, children can easily assemble pieces. And they can understand the meaning of space and structure as they engage in the process of assembling paper pieces.

The manufacturer has placed the highest priority on the user’s safety. All of the product’s exposed sections are cut by a saw blade so as to reduce the danger of a child being cut by the sections. The Funny Paper products meet the safety requirements by acquiring Korea Product Safety (KPS), CE (EU) and ASTM (U.S.A.). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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