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January 14, 2014

Compact Washbasin[INQ. NO. 1401C03] As the populations in big cities increase and a growing number of residents are likely to live alone, a new trend of living in smaller spaces has lately emerged. Responding to the growing trend worldwide, companies from many different types of businesses come up with space-efficient household items.

Launched by Saturn Bath, SWL 0058 offers adequate washing space for confined spaces, without compromising the user’s convenience and stylish design. The new washbasin in a curved design allows efficient access in smaller spaces and can be just as stylish as larger ones. The modernized image from overall shape is further emphasized by all-in-one top and sink. This compact washbasin in practical-use size brings maximized satisfaction for use in small spaces such as cafeteria, condominium etc. as well as handicapped spaces. The texture of liquid acrylic offers a luxurious look and the aesthetics is highlighted.

– Compact and efficient size ideal for confined spaces (W500~1300 x D200 x H800)
– Curved washbasin ensuring efficient path for users in smaller space
– Modernized image from all-in-one top and sink as a key point
– Luxurious look with use of liquid acrylic material

Compact Washbasin_2
Saturn Bath, Inc. is a professional bathroom company that provides acrylic bathtubs, washbasins, washbasins and various other bathroom accessories.
In 1990, with the company ideology – “The Creation of Bathroomfocused Living Culture” – Saturn Bath, Inc. introduced the ABS resin composite shelves. Also, it has researched and developed continuously various high-quality products to to enhance the space values. Recent customer trends have been showing more interest in home interiors to remodel the living spaces mainly with diversity and elegant atmosphere. These changes from simple and functional products require various new products with visual and advanced technology elements plus aesthetic values at the same time.

To satisfy all of the requirements, Saturn Bath, Inc. has tried to research and developed new products working with the technical cooperation from famous global companies to create a future bathroom culture era. The high-quality aluminum shelves, furniture and eco-friendly ceiling materials have been developed, and the largest bathtub plant was established to produce acrylic bathtubs and high-end LAR Whirlpool tubs strengthening the company’s global competitiveness.

The company’s design power was proven by its winning international design awards. Saturn Bath won the Red Dot Design Award in 2008, and Germany’s iF Design Award in 2011 and 2012 in recognition of its superior design capability. Saturn Bath with activities of creating values and leading future bathroom cultures is inspiring a new living culture as a leading bathroom company.

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