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January 14, 2014

Stethoscope[INQ. NO. 1401C08] SKEEPER Mozart is a household smart stethoscope that combines digital stethoscope and fetal heart rate meter. This “Smart Health Care Appcessory” was developed by a Korea based company named Smart Sound in an attempt to create the household smart home care market based on the motto of stethoscope, primary medical equipment of doctors.

After linked to smart phones and Bluetooth, SKEEPER Mozart can stethoscope and record heart, fetal sound and send it to SNS through a private Apps, SKEEPER Heart Rate and Fetal Heart Rate. Also, it can stethoscope without linking. Of special note, shape like pressing a rubber ball and soft grip feeling of rubber have been emphasized. And traditional hard stethoscope image was excluded and stylish appearance, color and portability are the features of this product.

The inventor of SKEEPER Mozart, Smart Sound is a specialized company developing application and appcessories for smart health care. With global spread of smart hub, paradigm in medical market changes rapidly with ‘prevention of disease and remote medical Examination and treatment’ as the center, and expanse increases rapidly by expansion of medical demand class according to ‘an aging society’ and increase of ‘chronic disease’ in developed countries, so it is forecasted that demand of ‘smart home health care’ increases rapidly with smart equipment for 10 years from now.

Smart Sound reaches an area of world-wide home health care through application and app-cessories for smart auscultation of SKEEPER, a specialized brand for smart health care. SKEEPER Heart Rate and SKEEPER Fetal Heart Rate are produced through development contract of new technology with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The applications are the world’s first specialized applications for auscultation based on Android, and from 4 quarter of 2013, these were released simultaneously all over the world with 10 languages of translation.

Also, SKEEPER Mozart garnered the grand prize in ‘2013 Good Deisign Award.’ which is one of the most prestigious design awards in Korea, and the grand prize in ‘Application Award Korea 2013.’ Now, it is submitted to ‘2014 German If Design Award.’

History of Smart Sound
– 2011/11 establishment of Co. Smart Sound
– 2012/01 starting development of the core engine of smart stethoscope(for adult, for embryo)
– 2012/03 a patent application of “auscultation equipment”(apply no. 10-2012-0066247)
– 2013/04 conclusion of contract “development of new technology” with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
– 2013/07 a patent application of “auscultation equipment(2)”(apply no. 10-2013-0082143)
– 2013/08 designation as a venture business(technology guaranteed fund)
– 2013/09 ‘SKEEPER Mozart’ garnered the grand prize in ‘2013 Good Deisign Award’(The Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy)
Certification of company laying laboratory(Korea Industrial Technology Association)
Trademark apply of “SKEEPER” (apply no. 40-2013-0065973)
– 2013/10 conclusion of domestic business MOU of Samsung care camp Participation in “2013 Innovative Technology Exhibition” of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
– 2013/11 the grand prize of smart health care in “2013 APP OF THE YEAR” (Chosun Media Group)

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