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January 14, 2014

bike[INQ. NO. 1401C09] As cycling, which is associated with not only a clean mode of transport that does not generate greenhouse gas emissions, but also a good way of getting fit, has grown popular in Korea, Alton Sports Co., Ltd. has lately further enjoyed a stronger upside.

One of its flagship products, Alton Road Master R21 uses DP-780 frame, the first time for a bicycle in the world. Its bicycle frames are strong and sleeklooking, as well as safe and durable enough to meet higher expectation of riders. The intensity of DP780 is about 780Mpa, which makes it possible to have a much slimmer layer of bicycle frame, ultimately being as light as the highend chromoly frame.

The use of DP780 allows Alton Road Master R21 to have sleeker wheels and decals, providing comfortable ride with excellent elasticity. And the nature of the DP780 enables Alton to produce a new bike with thinner and sportier frame geometry. That’s why the Alton Road Master R21 is equipped with a 1″ head tube (not the standard 1-1/8″), custom-made handle stem, seat tube and seat post, instead of the standard products. It has also improved straightness by keeping the wheelbase toe clearance and rear wheel base as short as possible with overall compact shape.

The maneuverability and safety has also been emphasized by installing Shimano one-touch 21-speed shift lever and Shimano derailleur for better shifting as well as chain cover to keep the rider’s clothing from getting jammed in the chains. The bike weighs 11kg so that it is easy to move when people cannot ride.

And the combination of matt finish of steel and a vivid color has been chosen to highlight the new bike. The choice to commute on a bike is already an environmentally-friendly lifestyle by reducing gas and emissions in the air. On top of that, Alton has also adopted innovating DP-780 frame, which uses less natural resources, but is as light as the high-end Chrome-molybden alloyed steel and Carbone frames, contributing to the environment protection.

Since its establishment in 1994, Alton Sports Co., Ltd. rewrote the history of the domestic bicycle industry. With its own plants in Korea and abroad, Alton has cooperated with automobile brands, and launched bikes with glamorous colors. From bikes that were simply used to carry luggage, customers now want a bike that is comfortable and safe on any kind of road, and has a sensual design that stands out. Alton Sports understand the needs and provides not only regular bikes but has also road, MTB, and electric models, which it sells under the brand names of CHEVROLET, ALTON, BENETTON, INFIZA and COREX at home and abroad.

As the only company in the country with a manufacturing plant, Alton has a production capacity of one million finished bikes. Establishing an electric bike plant in Korea to produce domestically made electric bikes, it also has yearly production capacity of 100,000 bicycles. As a leading bicycle exporter with its own plants in China, Alton Sports has extended its stage to the world markets, exporting a yearly average of 300,000 bikes to countries such as the United States, Russia, Poland, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Alton leads market changes with groundbreaking designs and a series of products for customer sensation. The company’s relentless R&D efforts yielded an innovative new material DP-780 frame grafted through cooperation with POSCO.

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