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January 21, 2014

Ceramic Coating for Cookware
http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1401C25] Korea Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd., or also known as KFCC, has been producing ceramic coating, ‘KFCC Ceramica’ since 1987. It has an overwhelming 90% of market share in the ceramic coating for cookware market in Korea. The KFCC Ceramica, which is the world’s first fine ceramic coating material based on the sol-gel process, is now exported worldwide and is being recognized and used for the superior quality by many leading global cookware manufacturers such as Ecopan, WMF, ASD, Alluflon-moneta and supor as well as Korea’s major cookware manufacturers, including Pallas, Neoflam and HappyCall.

Ceramica never requires a high temperature process (600~1500ºC) as with porcelain enamel, and is available to be applied to applications which are hard to process with high temperature because Ceramica dry film can be formed at low cooking temperature (80~250ºC). In addition, Ceramica is a nontoxic eco-friendly coating material which is harmless to humans and the environment because alcohol and water are used as its solvent.

The main purpose behind the development of Cermaica was to develop high temperature insulation of space shuttles. However, now it is widely being applied to cookware, subway interiors and exteriors, platform screen doors, construction interiors and exteriors, home appliances, heating equipment, various household items and other industrial applications.

Korea Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd. produces 60 kinds of products for various applications depending on required performances. The KFCC Ceramica is produced according to a rigorous quality management system (ISO-9001, 14001). It comes in various colors and has an attractive appearance, enhancing the quality of applied products as a higher level.

Ceramic Coating for Cookware2Main features of Ceramica
– High hardness: The film is not easily scratched or damaged.
– Abrasion resistance: The film does not get worn out easily by long-term use due to high durability.
– Non-stick: When cooling, food does not easily get stuck on the coated surface.
– Non-flammable film: There is neither discoloration nor toxic gas from the coated surface at high temperature.
– Harmless to humans: It does not contain any toxic material such as heavy metal, carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
– High efficiency of far infrared rays: Over 92% of far infrared radiation from the film makes food delicious and gives energy savings as well as reduction of CO2.
– Various colors: It comes in various colors and shows beauty and splendor.

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