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January 21, 2014

Smart Homeware Products
With the globalization, the Korean household goods industry has undergone fierce competition both at home and abroad.

To survive in the highly competitive global market, Korean manufacturers have been eager to develop products with both smart design and diverse functionality. Further, with the growing concern about in health and well-being of both human beings and the environment, companies in all most industries have been making efforts to produce green products.

Korea’s homeware markets are no exception. In line with the recent growth of the well-being product markets in general, homeware item industry has also seen a rise in products with eco-friendly quality. They work hard to provide something creative, with a focus on products that are design-orientated but also sustainable, targeting overseas consumers as well as Korean consumers. Some of them have interests in biodegradable material, recycled materials or natural material so as to do less harm to the ecosystem.

Korean companies have steadily learnt that innovation, performance and versatility are the key area to be focused upon. Taking these points into consideration, the local companies are now researching and developing new products that are excellent in design, function and eco-friendliness. Korean household products with both a unique design and state-of-the-art technology are gaining popularity among consumers. Korean kitchenware, for example, is highly popular in South East Asia and China and is recognized by its differentiated design and their technological quality.

Many of homeware item companies in Korea are now keen to access to new overseas markets, by presenting more functional, environment-friendly and high-tech items with upgraded eye-catching design among global buyers and to expand new markets.


▶TPU Cutting Boards
▶Kitchen Wrap Case
▶Plastic Sealing Device
▶Portable Humidifier
▶Memory Beads Pillow & Cushion
▶Two-sided Ironing Board
▶Hygienic Finger Gloves
▶Kitchen Utensil Set
▶Ceramic Coating for Cookware
▶Premium Gift Items and Art Crafts
▶Multi-functional Bookrest
▶Najeon Chilgi Items
▶Standby Power Measuring Device | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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