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January 21, 2014

Standby Power Measuring Device[INQ. NO. 1401C29]Many people are not aware that standby power is adding to their electric bills all the time, even when they do not use home electricity with the plug switched on.

According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea, standby power currently consumes 3.66W on average per appliance, and Korea wastes about 500 billion won per year because of high standby power consumption. That is why Minifee was invented. The standby power measuring device measures the wattage, the electricity bill, and the CO2 generation just by connecting the plug. It displays every three seconds successively for easy use.

The use of Minifee will help people to develop the habit of saving energy while reducing one month’s amount of the electricity bill per year, contributing to the low-carbon green development as well.

The device can be used for a variety of electronic goods for checking the standby and the power consumed and naturally helps people to conserve energy substantially.

The smart gadget is designed in a mini size with a high portability. The simple and sophisticated design was selected for a Good Design award. This is awarded to products that have an excellent design by evaluating the appearance, function, material, and cost efficiency.

It has also been awarded the Electronic Goods Safety Certification. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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