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February 18, 2014

Tekforus[INQ. NO. 1402C40] Tekforus Inc. ( has released a sterilizing water maker “CareSoo” so that people can utilize the sterilizing water for sterilization, cleansing, and deodorization effects, according to their desired purpose.

The CareSoo, using superior technology of getting water molecules electrolyzed, enables people to produces superior quality hypochlorous acid water and hypochlorous acid sodium showing the best sterilizing effects just by combining water and refined salt alone at home.

According to the Korean company, the hypochlorous sodium has an outstanding disinfection by chlorination, and it is depolymerized by carbon dioxide with ease, and functions bleaching and sterilization. It is applied to kill saprogenic bacteria and disease germ through the strong sterilization effect. It can be also used to wash vegetables, fruits, dishes and various household items.

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Main Features
1. Differentiated all-in-one nozzle with air compressing function
2. Refined product design and ergonomic handgrip
3. Left and right rotation of nozzle in accordance with spraying mode
4. The convenience of adopting removable rotary lid
5. Spray function is available while pressing switch
6. Simplified button operation | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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