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March 12, 2014

Skincare Cosmetics[INQ. NO. 1403C03] Correct Combo Cream is smart all-in-one day cream which cares skin inside and the texture of skin surface simultaneously and can enjoy the basic and makeup effect in a way.

People can use twist sealed vessel, prevent oxidation of the content and outside pollution, maintain freshness during the use, prevent the inner color capsule from being broken, adjust the quantity of the use and use it properly without waste.

Correct Essential Activator is an essence to spread on the skin after washing the face, has the double layer phase structure 7:3 Golden Ratio for the arrangement of skin texture and moisturizing, containing birch sap and essence ingredients and normalizes collapsed oil and water balance. It contains a great deal of plant moisturizing oil like argan oil etc., form water protective film and presents moist and luster skin for a long time.

Nabion Co., Ltd. was established as a skincare R&D company in 2000 by researchers in the R&D center of Amorepacific, one of Asia’s leading cosmetics company. Each researcher has developed their own specialized techniques and know-how while producing the most advanced skincare formulas. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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