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March 14, 2014

Cosmetics[INQ. NO. 1403C15] The cosmetics industry has made a constant progress. Based on modern technology and cutting-edge science, a host of brand-new products for skin, makeup and personal beauty care have been on the market almost every day.

The developments are not just limited to the cosmetics products. Cosmetics packaging suppliers also strive to create sophisticated, functional and beautiful packaging products so that they can make the contents safe to keep and easy to use. To make much more stylish and attractive products, companies have taken advantages of the latest technologies such as printing, stamping, coating and metalizing. As a result, you can see many different designs of packaging.

However, a Korean company Hwa Pyeong Electronics Co., Ltd. decided that there would be room for improvement for the existing droppers and spuits, which are generally produced by using NBR Rubber, Elastomer Silicon Rubber and adding master batch to the Rubber with just very limited choices such as white, black or matt finish color.

That is why the Korean company started to make zealous efforts to develop and research new and better products and finally succeeded in launching its own unique packaging in 2014.

The new product comes in an amazing metallic color, by adding post finish and is patented in Korea (Patent No. 10-134). The Korean company is now preparing to register an international patent with a global market in mind.

Now Hwa Pyeong has taken the first step toward the goal of growing into promising international cosmetic packaging manufacturer. Hwa Pyeong Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to commit itself to upgrading and creating better packaging fit for various specific needs of the global cosmetics industry.

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