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March 14, 2014

BioFarm[INQ. NO. 1403C17] There are a growing number of people who are concerned about food safety, and want to be in control of their own food. However, many of us live in cities and cannot afford to do traditional farming.

“BioFarm” is a gardening system that allows urbanites to grow various ornamental plants and vegetables indoors at low cost and without space and other physical restrictions.
The ‘smart plant factory’ is ideal for both hydroponics and soil cultivating. Equipped with a replaceable LED module with automatic illumination sensor, BioFarm makes it possible to grow plants, by simply operating a control device in accordance with the characteristics of plants, with the light, temperature and humidity control device using water and LED lighting.

The BioFarm is designed to enable consumers to grow various plants with just simple button operations all the year round. Growing our own vegetables at the BioFarm makes economic sense. In addition, you can enjoy much broader benefits. The gardening system helps promote emotional stability of children by showing the growth of plants at home, and provides nature-friendly and comfortable living life through purification and humidification functions of plants. LED light in the BioFarm may have interior decoration effect.

– Simple installation and operation
– Both hydroponics and soil cultivating possible
– Replaceable LED module with automatic illumination sensor
– Separable Water Tanks

– Growing various plants
– Interior decoration and healing effect
– Generation of anions from plants
– Emotional and educational effect for children Certifications

– FC Certification (USA)
– CE Certification (EUROPE)
– PSE Certification (Japan)

Dimensions: 420mm X 273mm X 420mm
Product Weight: 5 kg
Power: 220
Power: 30W / 3A
Product Material: ABS, AS, etc.
No. of Plants: 10 Seedlings
Seedling plate : 250mm X 160mm
Cultivation Method: Hydroponics and/or Soli Cultivating | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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