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March 24, 2014

Digital X-ray Detectorhttp://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1403C20] ATLAIM (www.atlaim.com) is a manufacturer and an expert of indigital x-ray detector and has introduced its newest development of wireless detector, ATAL 8cw, which is cassette-sized wireless and wired detector with complete 17” by 17” coverage. It is designed with light weight (2.9kg without battery) while its robust exterior design is not given up. In wireless operation, an acquired x-ray image will be transmitted around 1 second which is a lot faster than the other wireless detectors from competitors.

The challenge of Wireless detectors available in the market was short battery time. However, ATAL 8cw makes it possible 120 hours of stand-by time and 28 hours of continuous operation by employingfuzzy power saving and large capacity battery. Also ATAL 8cw is equipped with memory storage itself so that the user can take x-ray images under the environment where wireless signal is very low due to interference and shielding.

ATAL 8cw is can be powered and transferring the data by tether. In wire mode, multi-frame (max. 8 frame per second) is available based on its high speed so the detector can be used for various studies and applications.

ATLAIM has been developing and manufacturing Flat-panel Digital X-ray Detectors since 2008 and supplying the products to OEM and dealers all over the world based on its quality assurance certificates such as CE and FDA.

For more information on this product and supplier, you can reach the company at atlaimsales@gmail.com or visit the company’s website (http://www.atlaim.com).


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