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April 23, 2014

Cosmeceutical[INQ. NO. 1404C23] Sonimedi Co., Ltd. has significant experience in manufacturing Cosmeceutical (cosmetic + pharmaceutical) products. The Premium Stem Cell Activator was developed in its own R&D institute for Asians’ skin. The company’s ‘PU Extracting Technology’ for effective extract is the secret of its cosmetics. It has made famous Korean cosmetic brand’s top-seller items. Also ‘L’enclos’ is one of its premium brands that is sold in both Asian and American markets.

Alpha Max Activator: It quickly penetrates into the skin and helps restore its rhythm by revitalizing the skin’s natural function, while making the skin look clear and transparent. It also helps strengthen skin immunity to protect your skin against a polluted environment, UV rays, stress, sleep deprivation, smoking and other harmful factors for skin.

Omega Max Revitalizer: It helps improve the skin’s overall condition and maintains the skin rhythm stable for 18 consecutive hours, preventing skin damage and aging from various environmental factors. The specialized technology of the L’enclos allows it to quickly penetrate into the skin and maintain long-lasting effects.

Alpha Concentrate: It is formulated to tighten the skin by revitalizing the natural function of tired skin, while making the skin look clear and transparent with its strong whitening effect. In particular, the 28-day turnover revitalizing function, made through L’enclos’ specialized formula technology also helps restore skins’ protective barrier system.



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