Korean Roasted & Seasoned Laver

[INQ. NO. 1406C17] Hanbaek Food Agricultural produces a variety of Korean roasted and seasoned laver products as follows:

Seasoned Laver: This product features savory flavor, which may be ideal for children to eat as the dried laver is seasoned with perilla oil and toasted sesame seeds.

http://korean-products.com/inquiryShrimp Laver: It is tasty and is packed full of nutrients from laver, to shrimp, onion and shiitake mushroom. In particular, it contains plentiful calcium due to the shrimp, and is thus beneficial to children’s growth.

Curried Laver: It features special taste with a harmony of the unique flavors of curry and laver, and contains curry, onion, carrot and spring onions.

Ogoso Laver: It is a very nutritious and savory, containing five different nuts which are good for one’s health. Nuts are usually a favorite food for mothers to give a growing child to eat as they provide a variety of health benefits for children’s mental and physical development. This laver product is also good as a snack with beer.


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