Activated Carbon and Related Machinery Tuned for O’seas Market

Activated Carbon

Jacarbon is a high-quality coconut shell or coal based activated carbon of Jayeon Science Industry Co., LTD. Jacarbon contains extremely little amount of impurities and ensures sufficient hardness to enable recycling and repetitive uses.
< The wide surface area of up to 2,000m2/g and the uniform grain size enable the product to have excellent absorbing power and speed. Jayeon Science Industry Co., LTD is capable of performing total manufacturing processes from the purchase of raw materials to quality inspection, and therefore, supplying products at very competitive prices.
Jayeon Science Industry Co., LTD has specialized in the development and manufacturing of activated carbon, carbonizers and other related machinery for the last 35 years. Currently, Jacarbon for the purification of water and air are supplied to state-operated water treatment plants and government agencies, and also to multinational companies.


Activated Carbon Equipment

Jayeon Science Industry Co.’s popular activated carbon equipment include carbonizers and vortex fan type burners. The company’s carbonizers range in capacity from small to large models. Featuring simple structure, they are easy to maintain. Specially designed to achieve perfect combustion, they minimize environmental pollution. Developed with in-house technology, they have strong price competitiveness. The company’s compact vortex fan type burners are easy to carry, install and operate. Due to their unique design, they are capable of treating far broader range of garbage than ordinary models, generating extremely little amount of exhaust gases.

Water Purifier

In addition to activated carbon, we have expanded our product line to activated carbon related products. Water purifier is one of them. Our water purifiers use filters that include activated carbon we produce. It’s a perfect combination.
Our water purifiers made in Korea have outstanding purifying quality that everyone can depend on. Please ask us for more information. Inquiry always welcomed.


More Details

  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Over the past 35 years, Jayeon Science Industry Co. has specialized in the production of activated carbon, carbonizers and other related machinery. The company has supplied activated carbon for the purification of water and air to state-run water treatment plants and government agencies as well as to domestically leading conglomerates.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Jayeon Science Industry Co., LTD manages its affiliated R&D Center for the development of innovative products and technology, and the company has been designated as the “INNO-BIZ” Company by the Korean Small & Medium Business Administration.
  • Jayeon Science Industry Co., LTD has acquired various certificates including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and possess 10 international patents and foreign standard approvals such as CE, for the production technologies concerning activated carbon facilities and various carbonizers.
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