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TLC Series

TLC Series-(Super-light damp-proofing LED tube) 32W/40W(TB) fluorescent lamps which can be replaceable with LED lamp, high power factor(Pf) above 0.9, high efficiency above 86%, compatible with worldwide AC voltages and frequencies, free-voltage type which can reduce installation cost due to power free controller, used for refrigerator, commercial, parking lot and home.


TLACE Series

TLACE Series-(Simplified driving circuits for high efficiency) 32W/40W(T8) and fluorescent lamps which can be replaceable with LED lamp (TL120AC), high power factor (Pf) above 0.9 and similar features with above. Application-Retail, hospitality, healthcare, office, underground-lot and others

PL Type

PL Type(AC Direct Perfect Heat Dissipation)-22W TPL22AC LED lamp designed to replace standard 55W PL (TPL22AC), new invention technology for electronic circuits, high efficiency light diffuser components, and similar features with above. Application: Identical with TLAC Series

TBLS Series

TBLS Series(PAR 38 Retrofit)-PAR38 lamp which can be replaceable with LED lamp, high efficiency light diffuser components, low maintenance cost and features similar to above. Application: Commercial down light and residential down light.


TBL-Series TBL Series

TBL Series-60W incandescent lamp which can be replaceable with LED lamp, perfect heat dissipation and similar features with above. Application: Retail, hospitality, healthcare, office commercial and home.

TBL Series-(High Power Factor & Freevolt)-High efficiency light diffuser components, perfect heat dissipation, low maintenance cost Application: Retail, hospitality, healthcare, office, commercial and home.

More Details

  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company


  • LED Lighting Technology for Your Perfect Lighting Solution
    Teklux is an up-scale LED lighting manufacturer and exporter based in Seoul, Korea. They specialize in R&D activities, production of LED Tube, LED Bulbs, LED Panel light, LED down light and LED light fixture. Teklus has successfully exported to Japan, the North American countries, the Middle East countries the European countries and Mexico.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Established LED lighting laboratory in July 2007, built a factory for mass-production of LED lighting factory in Dec. 2008, obtain the CE mark in March 2009, obtained the ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certification, and many other technology
  • Obtained the certification from the Korean venture entrepreneurship, obtained a patent for LED lamp cover design, obtained government approval for the TEKLUX optoelectronics institute, obtained the Korean good design mark for LED bulbg, entire range of products obtained RoHS approval, obtained patent for waterproof LED lamp and many others. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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