Tasty Food-Traditional Korea Sea Laver for Local and Foreign Consumers Alike

Namkwang Traditional Sea Laver, Nakdong Roasted Sea Laver

Sea weed and laver (processed) was manufactured with specialized know-how for the last 30 years by Nawkwangfoods. Laver is rich in nutrients especially vitamin B which makes it suitable to be eaten with Korea’s staple food, rich. http://korean-products.com/inquiry Some of the leading samples of types produces by Namkwangfood are collection of stone lavers (Hot-It features characteristics like production through roasting after seasoning by stone with pepper powder and ground sesame mixed with salt), roasted stone laver (five full-size sheets-Made by seasoning and roasting with stone) and traditional laver (for tables, 8 x 1/8 sheets-Tasty as it is made by roasting after seasoning with sesame oil, perilla oil and corn oil) and 22 others. They are basically produced through five processes, purchasing of raw laver, screening and drying, seasoning and roasting, cutting, packaging and inspection, storing and shipping of finished products.

Namkwang Traditional Sea Laver

Nakdong Roasted Sea Laver

More Details

  • Product Name: Namkwang Traditional Sea Laver
  • Type Name: Lunch Box Laver, Collection of Stone Lavers, Lunch Box Laver and 22 other types Origin of Production: South Korea
  • Origin of Production: South Korea
  • Product Name: Nakdong Roasted Sea Laver
  • Type Name: Roasted Stone Laver, Salted and Fried Green Laver 90g, Roasted Seasoned Sea Laver and others
  • Origin of Production: South Korea

About Company

  • Based in the port city of Busan where the marine sector is very active, this company is proud of its history and product manufacturing capabilities. It concentrates in making the product tasty and of superior quality. Some of its sales system is supplying to the military, selling through the mail-order system, food service for businesses and schools, distributing through wholesalers and OEM methods and exporting.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Namkwang selects strictly screened raw laver and dried it under close supervision.(Especially during the winter) It then seasons and roasts it carefully for superior quality.(For about 7~hours through 2 staged system by supervisors with more than 10 years of experience) Moreover, it continuous its sincere efforts through careful cutting, packaging and inspection.(Calculators are used through two staged automatic packaging machines) It is then stored and shipped to be delivered to their customers as quick as possible.(Plans are carried out on a daily base)
  • Through the continuous efforts of Namkwang, it has obtain large-scale ordering system from the Korean military, recommendation from the governor of the Saha-gu district, Busan, order requests from Japan, Russia and China, OEM ordering from Folk Foods which operates shops at domestic airports and others.

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