TL Series for Perfect Lighting Solution

TL Series for Perfect Lighting Solution

The super-light damp-proofing LED tube, the TL Series are 32W / 40W fluorescent lamp that can replace the existing LED lamp. The product provides high-power factor above 0.9 and high-efficiency above 86%. TL Series are compatible with worldwide AC voltages and frequencies, and the free voltage-type can reduce the installation cost due to the power controller free. Moreover, the product is lighter than other LED tubes, energy-efficient and low heat. The fire-resistant components provide safe environment, along with the long lifespan and low maintenance cost. TL Series can be applied to the refrigerator, for commercial use, in parking lots, and also at home.


Teklux is an up-scale LED lighting manufacturer and exporter, specializing in R&D activities, and producing LED tubes, LED bulbs, LED panel light, LED down light and LED light fixtures. Teklus is exporting worldwide, including Japan, North America, Middle East, Mexico, and to European countries.

Teklux LED lighting laboratory was established in 2007, and the LED lighting factory enabling mass production was established in 2008 to up-scale the company to a world-wide scale, and certifications and international standards such as the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certification and the CE Mark were obtained. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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