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August 28, 2014

Plumber System

The PLUMBER, which is an integrated management system for piping stabilization, is designed to carry out real-time monitoring the 3-D behavior of plant pipes in operation under high temperature and pressure, including the temperature of pipelines and the state of piping support devices by installing it on the parts from a boiler or a turbine. And it is the best solution for plumbing integrity evaluation for generating units and securing the safety, by managing and monitoring the system remotely after constructing the relevant data base including the drawings and history management of plumbing and piping support devices.

Plumber System_1 http://korean-products.com/inquiry The Plumber is necessary for several reasons. First, Due to the operating condition of base load unit, which is operated under a severe service condition with high temperature and pressure for a long time, the material degradation, mechanical degradation and deformation may take place at pipelines connecting a turbine of generating unit with a boiler. And the thermal expansion and shrinkage due to frequent vibration and repetition of start and stop may cause interference on piping and stress concentration, which may lead to turbine vibration or damage to the joint of super heater. Second, the hangers installed at power plants enables to measure only one dimensional (Y-axis direction) displacement. Currently, piping management at each power plant is limited to recording related to hanger guidelines before and after O/H, so that the 3-D displacement occurring at pipelines during operation may not be detected, which leads to impracticability of preparing basic preventive measures and depending of short-term maintenance. Third, even though large amount of piping support devices, such as hangers and snubbers, are installed at each power plant in order to support the self-load and thermal expansion load in operation, proper management is not carried out due to absence of recognition and lack of management for piping support devices. Also, most of pipelines are installed in geometric 3-D structure. In case pipelines fail to expand according to the design, or they are expanded excessively due to false operation of piping support devices, interference of structures or design fault of plumbing, huge economic damage may take place due to shut down and accidental maintenance caused by unexpected damage to pipelines including cracks and ruptures.

Plumber System_2

More Details

  • Brand : Plumber
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Since establishment in 2004, KLES Co., LTD specialize in R&D, manufacture of the power plant and test equipment, power plant maintenance, test & research service, 3D-Design and Miniature, and the operation of the Korea Power Piping Training Center. Through continuous challenges and accumulation of technologies through R&D, KLES Co., LTD lead in the field of plants.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Through the affiliated R&D Center, KLES Co., LTD participated in more than 20 government-funded projects since the establishment. KLES Co., LTD’s main customers include the Ministry of industrial resource, Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, and many others. The company established several local branches nationwide, including the R&D Center, and also the Malaysia Branch to develop and manufacture the technologies to be implemented in the plant field.
  • By operating its own training center, the Korea Power Piping Training Center, KLES Co., LTD not only accumulated and acquired numerous certifications and patents, but also contributed to the development of the field.

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