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http://korean-products.com/inquiry With 16 years of its own experience and know-how in the automatic control and CCTV fields, Ledios Co., Ltd. is a Korean LED light manufacturer that mainly provides LED streetlamps, security lights and photovoltaic LED streetlights. It has qualified engineering manpower and state-of-the-art facilities for producing LED lighting. Its persistence in technical innovation has given birth to a top-quality product line-up that provides maximized effectiveness with outstanding performance. It was listed as one of the excellent products for government procurement and acquired high-efficiency lighting certification & the KS mark. LEDIOS is the company’s registered brand name.

LED-Lighting LED streetlamp, security light specification:
– LEDIOS-150(150W), LEDIOS-120(120W)
– LEDIOS-70(70W), LEDIOS-60(60W), LEDIOS-35(35W)

Main Features
– By applying the primary heat radiation technology for LED chip heat sink, it provides maximized heat radiation.
– The 4-way heat-radiation technology including higher efficiency through the primary and secondary radiation heat sink improvement, sunlight shading and natural ventilation ensures long life of light.
– With low power resulting from higher heat radiation, it provides a maximized efficiency of lighting
– Lower production cost is possible, as there is no need for addition work or device for heat sink.
– It has a wider light distribution due to the company’s self developed larger light distribution lens.

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