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October 24, 2014

Korea Industrial Technology Association

The Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA), founded in 1979 to strengthen the innovation capabilities of Korean companies, is the nation’s preeminent institution contributing to the advancement of industrial research and development.

koita KOITA has been leading the formation of the country’s technological innovation climate by supporting the establishment and operation of corporate R&D centers, developing industrial technology support policies and introducing and spreading advanced technology management since its establishment.

To further encourage industry circles’ drive for technological advancement, KOITA has introduced the “IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award”, “Engineers of the Month Award” and the “New Exellent Technology Certification.”

* IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award – KOITA awards and promotes products developed by Korean companies using outstanding new technology every week to introduce the excellence of Korean technology and encourage researchers. The award is given jointly by KOITA and Maeil Economic Daily (introduced in 1991).

** New Excellent Technology (NET) Certification – KOITA discovers new domestically developed technologies in the early stages and supports their early advancement into the market by certifying their excellence in promoting commercialization and technology trade, and enhancing the reliability of new technology products (introduced in 1993).

Through such efforts, the number of corporate R&D centers has exceeded 30,000 in the past 35 years and the R&D expenditure made by industry account for more than 70% of the overall national R&D expenditure, and both achievements have placed KOITA at the center of national technological innovation.


koita_2 Major Activities

I. Improving Industrial Technology Policies and Systems
Identifies the demand for technological innovation in industrial technology circles and offers alternatives for improving industrial technology policies and technological innovation support programs

II. Building Technological Innovation Network
Operates a variety of group gatherings to support exchanges among companies and to collect broad opinions from every level of the industry.

III. Supporting Industry-Academia-Research Institute Cooperation
Contributes to strengthening national technological competitiveness by supporting companies, universities and government-funded research institutes to actively exchange and cooperate among themselves.

IV. Supporting Personnel Education/Training for Technological Innovation
Implements education and training programs to enhance the capabilities of industrial researchers as well as research and planning managers and supports the employment of researchers to foster the technological innovation of companies.

V. Supporting Technology Commercialization and Formation of Technological Innovation Climate
Supports the commercialization of new technologies through the New Excellent Technology Certification program and various award programs, undertaking the leading role in building the foundation for boosting the morale of researchers and fostering innovation in industrial technology.

VI. Performing Survey Research and Information Provision
Conducts survey research to understand the trends of R&D activities in industries and provides the latest information related to technology management and industrial technology development.

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