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October 24, 2014

[INQ. NO. 1410C05] MCARE is a medical venture company that is engaged in studying, developing and manufacturing medical equipment for spine and disc disorders. MCARE was founded to provide minimally invasive surgery equipment and released the YESDISC series in 2012, gaining good responses and a growing market share in the Korean market. In recognition of its efforts, the company received the grand prize in the Korea Health Industry Awards in 2013. 1. Indication: The indications of cervical disc: Discogenic pain, Herniated nucleus pulposus, Internal disc derangement. The indications of lumbar disc: Discogenic pain herniated nucleus, Herniated nucleus pulposus, Stenosis, Radicular pain.

2. Navigatible Nucleoplasty: Lumbar YESDISC Catheter, based on its patented wheel mechanism, can be inserted into a Disc and directly access the back of the Disc. The traditional Nucleoplasty catheters, many of which are straight-type products, can only reach the nucleus pulposus and do ablation or decompression at best. However, the YESDISC using navigation can access annulus fibrosus in the back and can relieve a patient’s pain by removing the targeted area with plasma. The cervical catheter features a curved tip. Rotating a full 360 degrees, it can cover a wide range area as well.

Minimally-Invasive-Cervical-Catheter-&-Lumbar-Catheter 3. Minimally invasive surgery: A 19-gauge cervical catheter and a 19-gauge lumbar catheter are available. By using the YESDISC Catheter, the procedure can be performed without incision, making crucial areas of human body structure less affected and the damage minimalized, which translates into reduced pain and shortened recovery time for a patient.

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