Ball Bearing Slide Rails


– Segos Co., Ltd.

Ball Bearing Slide Rails

[INQ. NO. 1411C11] Segos Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of precision ball bearing slide rails of world-best quality for home appliances and furniture. The Korean company’s main clients are globally renowned home appliance makers such as GE, Mabe, Vestel, Arcelic, Bosch, Haier, Media, Hisense and Electrolux, as well as top-tier Korean companies like Samsung and LG.

The company, headed by CEO Park Yoon-sik, was awarded the 65th Trader of the Month in recognition its recent achievements in increasing export volume in the global markets.

Mr. Park Yoon-sik predicted earlier that there would be a growing market for drawer modules for home appliances and founded Segos in 1998. Segos is the first Korean manufacturer that succeeded in domestically producing the Ball bearing slide rails that were previously fully imported from foreign manufacturers.

Ball-Bearing-Slide-Rails established its in-house R&D center in 2002 to continuously invest in intensive R&D. As a result of such R&D endeavors, Segos acquired 55 patents, five utility model patents, six design patents in Korea and seven international patents, while 12 domestic patents and 28 international patents are pending.

In addition, it has automated production system of rails to meet diverse customers’ requirements while maintaining mass production and steady supply of rails with different production lines for each rail.

Segos’ core competency in quality, on-time delivery and capability to develop new products has been recognized by wining the “Supplier Award” from GE in 2012, which is given to only top two companies among its 120 suppliers.

Putting top priority on customer’s satisfaction & technology superiority, the company devotes itself to providing the industry-leading customized service, based on the following strengths:

Customized service: supported by its R&D and customer service teams, Segos can nimbly respond to various situations and demanding demands of customers. It can also accommodate any complicated orders as its design and manufacturing systems are always set up to react to any customer’s requests without wasting valuable time.

Reliability verified by top-tier companies: Segos has served many clients, many of which are top-tier and most sophisticated players in their respective industries. Some of them include GE appliances, Electrolux, Mabe, Haier, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Winia Mando.

Profitability for Each Customer: Segos supplies to many different types of customers. For each of its customers, it willingly redesigns many procedural steps in the production process to bring maximum value to customers. Its automated manufacturing facilities and plentiful knowhow in custom production will contribute to the profitability of clients.

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