Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients



Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

[INQ. NO. 1411C23] ESTECHPHARMA Co., Ltd., headed by Mr. Kim Jae-chul, was awarded the 47th Trader of the Month award for achieving the excellent export performance in the global market.

Founded in 1996, ESTECHPHARMA Co., Ltd. ( is an active pharmaceutical company in Korea which is engaged in developing and marketing first generic versions of the drugs that provide the same efficacy as the patented original drugs after their patent expires.

With the goal of developing highly marketable products, it has focused all-out efforts on developing new technologies by investing a lot in R&D with about 75% of its manpower in the research and development division, supported by facility investments and technical innovation. Etc.

Active-Pharmaceutical-Ingredients company has succeeded in synthesizing 40 kinds of APIs like anti-inflammatory medicine, anti-ulcerants, anti-hepatitis, treatments of alcoholism, etc. second or third in the world or first in Korea, and has been producing and supplying continuously to its customers. At present, with many patent technologies, it is co-operating new projects with domestic and world pharmaceutical companies by developing new anti-hepatitis and anti-inflammatory materials.

Active-Pharmaceutical-Ingredients_1ESTECHPHARMA has lately beefing up marketing activities aiming at the global markets, and has enjoyed brisker business than ever before in overseas markets. Supported by such growing sales abroad, ESTECHPHARMA recorded average annual sales growth of 35% from 2007 to 2010. And the company is optimistic that the growth rate will be sustainable and it will continue to beef up marketing activities in Europe and the United States as well as Japan, one of its primary export markets.

GADOPENTETIC ACID MONOMEGLUMINE SALT – Diagnostic aid (MRI contrast agent)
GADODIAMIDE – Diagnostic aid (MRI contrast agent)
POLYSACCHARIDE IRON COMPLEX – Anti-anemia, distributed at home and abroad, including the U.S.A, Taiwan, Germany etc.
TRIFLUSAL – Anti-thrombotic, supplied to major companies in Korea
ACAMPROSATE CALCIUM – (CEP) Treatment of Alcoholism, Due to be exported to clients in Europe and Central and South America
PRANLUKAST HYDRATE – Anti-asthmatic, supplied to Japan’s major pharmaceutical companies (Japanese GMP conformity approval) | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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