LED Image Light

[INQ. NO. 1412C07] The ERON is novel LED image light in that it allows people to display diverse contents such as letters and images in a space with light. This is possible thanks to the ‘Contents Filter,’ which comes with the LED lighting. The contents filter is easily replaceable to convey diverse messages. The contents filters can be custom-made for users who want specific phrases or designs.


LED-Image-Light_1ERON was designed with a champagne glass as a motif, and desired contents of letters and images can be displayed anywhere, including on the ceiling, walls and floor, with each different contents filter. ERON can be used as event lighting, advertising PR lighting, interior pattern lighting, mood lighting and indirect lighting such as sleeping lighting, depending on the content contained in the filter. Also, users can create their own content filters themselves by using OHP film and image sources.

ERON mainly consists of a body, seven kinds of content filters, and a USB cable, a wall mounted hook and instruction book.

Size: 115 x 115 x 250(mm)
Material: ABS, AI, PCB
Main body’s voltage: DC 5V, 1V (USB)
LED: 3W / pure white

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