Household goods

Household goods providers are keeping pace with new demand of consumers by upgrading the functions, designs and quality

The increasing number of single-person households is one of the most notable changes not only in Korea but also in the world. The data collected in 2012 show that 23.9% of total households in Korea comprised just one person, sharply up from 15.6% in 2000. The National Statistical Office expects that the figure will reach 31.3% in 2025, if this trend continues. The demographic change is affecting consuming pattern in many different industries, including construction, food & drinking and retail industries. In particular, the change has raised the demand for household items tailored for the singles consumer category, providing another new driver of growth for the country’s household goods market estimated to be worth 20 trillion ($18.5 billion).

Household-goods In addition, with rising income driving up spend per capita, the ‘well-being’ trend sweeping diverse industries around the world is influencing on consumers’ lifestyle and culinary habits here in Korea, encouraging them to make eco-friendly and healthier choice when making a purchase decision.

Many of household goods providers in Korea are keeping pace with the trends by upgrading the functions, designs and quality through constant technical and design innovation. Some of them are gaining appreciation at home and abroad owing to specialized technologies and their commitment to making customer-oriented products, expanding their market base in the global markets.

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