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Keyword of Korea’s household kitchenware industry: Going Small and High Performer

The size of Korea’s household kitchenware industry including cookware, airtight containers, tableware and cooking tools is estimated at about 3 trillion won ($2.7 billion). The combined market size is estimated to be more than 10 trillion won ($9 billion), when kitchen appliances such as an electric rice cooker, a kimchi refrigerator, a coffee maker and oven are included.


By category, kitchen appliancescontinue to hold the largest share of 56 percent, followed by cookware (13 percent), and airtight containers & bottles (12 percent) in the overall kitchenware industry in the country. In addition, ceramic cookware and tableware take a 13 percent market share and a 12 percent market share, respectively, followed by cutting boards &knives(6 percent) and commercial cookware (3 percent).

What has the greatest impacton home the appliance selection in Korea is compact size and high performance, as the country’s growth rate for single and two-personhouseholds is one of the highest in the world, and smaller households have higher demand forcompact housing and space-saving home appliances. However, consumers are not satisfied with just small size, but they want high performance, too.

Appliance manufacturers are responding by introducingmore efficient, and more compact but high performance kitchen small appliances such as a multi-functional oven, an electronic steamer, a nutrition loss-free juicer and an air fryer not using oil.

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