Air Purifier

Airvax keeps indoor air clean by getting rid of unpleasant odor and all kind of harmful materials including dust, gas’s molecule, VOCs, virus and mold without secondary contamination risk.

Air-Purifier * Neat design with round/cylindrical looking for safety
* By analyzing incoming air’s resistance and collision factor, minimize the noise with round and Funnel structure of internal design
* Primary and secondary filter of double structure improve adsorptive power of incoming micro particle, minimize fallout and penetration
* Colleting super-micro dust (0.3μm blow)
* Excellent Safety from electrical and mechanical point of view
* Elegant and excellent design to fit well for home/office use
* Simple and easy operation with no maintenance (filter’s life: 3 year)
* Lowest management cost (Monthly electricity fee: USD 0.1/24-hour-a-day/based in Korea)
* Remote controlled operation and convenient use
* 1~3 step variable speed system, adjust ventilation speed, and soft backlight light

* Core Technology of Permanent SEFF (Static Electricity Film Filter)’s Adoption
SEFF’s film has ‘+’,‘-’ polarity on their both sides. The air passes in zigzag through the narrow tunnel of the polymer resin film that has permanent static electricity. The fine dusts in the inner part sticks to the film due to the an electrostatic phenomenon of the both sides, therefore it can easily catch the finest dusts that are nano-size (less than 3㎛). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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