Comfortable and Functional Shoes for Body Balance

LBS KOREA specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing functional shoes NS footwear (medical function) based on the following patented technology:

a. Circulatingaircushioningshoe(the patent registration has been completed in the USA, China,Europe and South Korea)
b. Body balance and calibration systems and control methods (PCT registered in South Korea, the USA, Europe, and China) Improving Bodily Equilibrium System and the Method of Controlling the System: The product applied by the bodily equilibrium system of LBS Healing-s is able to disperse the pressure on human body while walking, so that it could prevent the body from joint diseases.

Shock-Reducing Pad for Balancing Body and Improving Blood Circulation: The pad of LBS Healing-s system can reduce the pressure of joints on human body while walking and furthermore finds equilibrium of broken body balance. In addition, it improves the blood circulation of human body.

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