Deco PP (Polypropylene) Decorative Film

The PP (Polypropylene) Decorative film (foil) is ecologically and biologically harmless decorative film that can be used as surface finishing material for doors, kitchen cabinets, windows, furniture, molding, and so forth. The main raw material of the PP (Polypropylene) Decorative film (foil) is polypropylene resin, a kind of Polyolefine resin series, not PVC resin. It is inherent characteristic can make sure that the air of the room is always fresh and cozy for the people’ breath, that can protect children and babies from atopic allergy of the skin. DND Corporation focuses on producing and exporting of the PP (Polypropylene) decorative films (foils). By continuously developing and producing new designs and patterns, DND has became one of the most competitive producers of PP (Polypropylene) decorative films (foils) in South Korea. By developing high-quality and new designed films, the company supplies products not only to Korean market, but also to Japan, Europe and CSI countries.

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