Gold-filled Fashion Jewelry

Gold-filled pieces can be worn like solid gold jewelry because that is exactly what its outer surface is. The gold-filled fashion jewelry offers all the same physical characteristics as solid gold in terms of appearance, durability, and strength, but at a fraction of the cost.

Alice Project, based in South Korea is an international wholesaler of fashion jewelry and accessories. We are not only a wholesaler but Korea’s No.1 online fashion jewelry company. Our online market has about 25,000 visitors per day, and has achieved more than 200,000 real transactions and has about 150,000 members registered so far. So, we strongly believe we are different from other international wholesalers because we have been designing, making, and selling our collections directly to end users by ourselves in Korea for decades. We believe our competitive point is that we fully understand the needs of retailers’ with our experience and knowhow. In short, we can support your business success as well as just selling items.

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