Men’s Automatic Separation Underpants

Men suffer discomfort and no one else realizes it. The “clammy discomfort” man endures 24hours is all men’s problem. GAMYU is the only underpants in the world developed by studying the friction caused by the skin in the groin! No more discomfort by skin chafi ng! Find solution with GAMYU’s Separation System Underpants. Maximum comfort is provided by separating sensitive surface from adjacent skin in the groin and maintaining the freedom from friction even through strenuous exercise of athletic exercise. GAMYU’s Separation System Underpants gives men’s full self-confi dence!

Continuously comfortable underpants GAMYU Separation System Underpants makes you so comfortable you forget you are wearing underpants. Enjoy your day pleasantly with confidence with the separation system underpants that enhances your comfort.

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