The Craft Co., Ltd. is an eyeglasses manufacturer and seller based in Seoul, Korea, with the brand name of SAGAWAFUJII. In the year 2003, SAGAWAFUJII began in a small workshop in Japan and was introduced to other Asian countries. The Craft Co. operate five flagship stores in Korea where stores are selling only SAGAWAFUJII eyewear, more than 30 independent stores in Korea and five overseas outlets in the USA, Singapore, the Netherlands, Spain and Japan. SAGAWAFUJII registered trademark rights in 40 countries around the world including Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong; and 27 European countries like the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, the USA and Australia. All of SAGAWAFUJII’s products are handmade and many of them are made of wood.

Every product has its own patterns of colors, grains and dimensions, because they are not produced by machines. Only human hands enable such uniqueness and differences in products. SAGAWAFUJII’s handmade eyewear has consistent beauty regardless of the change of trends. They are not just the usual eyewear that lose their attraction and get put away in a dusty drawer and forgotten.

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