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Crystal Clear Soap for Babies’ Atopic Dermatitis and Sensitive Skins
The pH5.5 crystal clear (transparent) soap is based on natural amino acid, identical to human skin, unlike other soaps on the market that are made with petroleum surfactants. It is most effective for babies’ atopic dermatitis and sensitive skins for ceramides, which are the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier, on the stratum corneum are cleansed out without being damaged. Do you still use only water for washing your baby? Or use normal cleansers which can damage natural skin barrier of your baby easily? It’s time to change.

Soap-&-Moisturizer Ceramide Moisturizer for Babies, and Sensitive Skins
SAM Moisturizer contains Ceramide, which forms natural protective moisture barriers in our skin, soothing milk extract and shiso extract with superior calming and protective effect. It is excellent for the treatment of old, dry, or atopic dermatitis without steroid that also protects sensitive skin with concentrated moisturizers. It has been used by Korean dermatologists for their patients who have the same symptoms as mentioned over 15 years without any side effects.

C&M Cosmetic has been satisfying customers and selling products very well in dermatology clinics of Korea
over 15 years. Moreover C&M is one of Korean OEM/ODM skincare experts. Currently, our products are being sold in over 500 clinics nationwide such as clinics of dermatology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics. This illustrates how professional, stable, and safe our products are. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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