Antibacterial Zippered Bags & Storage Bags for Baby Products

[INQ. NO. 1508C16] MOHTER-K is a company that mainly provides packing solutions for baby products such as zippered bags and storage bags. MOHTER-K’s zippered bags have gained popularity among mothers with newborn babies with the following excellent features:

Antibacterial quality: the zippered bags applying high-quality, safe antibiotic from a specialized antibiotics provider has strong and long-lasting antibacterial quality.

Wide range of sizes: Dozens of different sizes ranging from mini to extra-large sizes are available so as to meet the specific and various needs of users.

Three-dimensional design: by extending bott om area, unlike traditional products, the MOHTER-K’s zippered bags can stand alone and they are useful for storing feeding bott les and weaning food bowls.

In addition, MOHTER-K provides various storage bags — breast milk storage bags, disposable milk storage, powdered milk storage bags and baby food storage bags.

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