Baby Safety Goods

[INQ. NO. 1508C18] Living Paradise is engaged in developing and manufacturing a wide range of household products with its own moldings and design certificates as well as patents for 500 products. In particular, the Korean company provides high-quality essential baby safety products that help minimize the chance of toddlers gett ing hurt at home under the brand name of “aguard.” The main items include a safety edge/corner guard, a safety wall mat, a door stopper, a safety toilet seat cover, a chair cap, a shampoo cap, a safety mat, non-slip mat and so forth.

Obtaining ISO9001 and 14001 quality certification, Living Paradise supplies its products to major retailers in Korea such as E-Mart Korea, Tesco Korea and Daiso. It also exports to many countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Malaysia, Brazil, China and the USA.

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