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[INQ. NO. 1508C07] NANUM Co., Ltd. is a bio-venture dedicated to researching and developing livestock blood waste into valuable resources. Based on its proprietary bio-fermentation technology, the company succeeded in decomposing livestock blood and developing into new products such as eco-friendly liquid amino acid and animal feed additive.

NANUM is sparing no effort in becoming the leader in the livestock edible resource processing in the world.

Through steady R&D endeavors, it continues to launch novel products including a new ion calcium fertilizer, which is recycled from eggshell and has an exceptionally high absorption rate, and amino acid fertilizer for pepper plants. After completing tests regarding its fertilizers in China, Taiwan and Kazakhstan, NANUM made a successful debut in the global market, making the first large-scale shipment abroad in 2014. It is also briskly working to extend its stage in countries such as Japan, the Southeast Asian countries and Chile.

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