Kimchi Lactobacinllus Blend Capsule

Kimchi Lactobacillus Blend Capsule by Biorhythm contains plentiful nutrition from “Kimchi” − a reddish fermented cabbage dish made with a mix of garlic, salt, vinegar, hot peppers, and other spices that provides healthy bacteria called “lactobacilli,” as well as vitamins A, B and C. These good “lactobacilli” bacteria help with digestion and it seems to prevent yeast infections according to a recent study.

Kimchi-Lactobacinllus-Blend-Capsule A jar of this product includes 60 capsules and four capsules (one capsule per day recommended) contain as much lactobacillus as 11kg~22kg of kimchi does. In particular, this lactobacillus product is recommended to people with weak immunity, and those who are vulnerable to common diseases without any side-effects since the bacteria are extracted from natural antibiotics. Also, Lactic acid bacteria of kimchi are outstanding for enhancing intestinal health by promoting bowel movement and providing fiber that shows amazing effects for curing constipation.

About Company
Biorhythm constructed an R&D network for kimchi lactic acid bacteria for more than five years before its establishment as a corporation in 2008. Since 2011, they have struggled to promote kimchi lactobacillus by participating in the World Expo and other exhibitions. With their unique technology regarding extracting lactic acid bacteria, Biorhythm has led the global market and improved functions in internal organs with technology unrivaled in the world.

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