Korean instant cooked rice

Nowadays, instant food is one of the most popular meals for many people, especially for office workers or students, due to its convenience. However, they unavoidably give up nourishment by saving time. But, what if you can “eat your cake and have it too”?

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Chammi Food Co., Ltd. has added Korea’s famous traditional food, ‘Bibimbab,’ to its range of instant food products that include vegetables and seasoning such as red paper paste. This instant rice contains plenty vitamins and protein, and has zero trans-fat. Also, their export product ‘Our Bimimbab’ combo includes soybean paste soup and mini chocolate so it is perfect for one meal. The only thing you need is some hot water to pour into the container and to wait 10 minutes for preparation. You can choose beef, Kimchi or mushroom as the main ingredient, according to your taste.

Weight: 100g

About Company
Chammi Food Co., Ltd is a food company that produces instant ‘Bibimbap’ which is Korea’s famous traditional food. Their Bibimbap has been recognized as one of most popular Korean meals and is consumed in various situations − like at work, school, camping, or hiking − due to the convenience of its preparation.


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