Water pumps and oil pumps

Water pumps and oil pumps play a very important role in automotive parts. Both oil pumps and water pumps by Autotop are exported to the global market since they are applicable to many brands such as Ford, BMW, Chevrolet, and Chrysler.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry The role of the water pump is to cool the engine by letting the coolant flow from the heater to the cylinder’s water jacket. Autotop has manufactured each component of the water pump-pulley, bearing, impeller and mechanical seal. On the other hand, the oil pump that consists of the rotor, oil seal and bearing is responsible for pressurizing engine oil from the oil pan and pumping it throughout an engine by flowing it properly into various parts of the engine. Of note, these are produced through die casting parts by 3D CAD system of their own R&D team under strict quality control system. Also, by applying CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) and MCT (Machining Center) manufacturers are able to present more precise and higher-quality product in an efficient working environment.


About Company
Autotop has manufactured excellent quality water pumps and oil pumps for the automobile industry in the global markets as well as Korea since it was established in 1993. Also, they have obtained ISO 90002, ISO 140001 and QS 9000 through their continuous efforts in research and development work.


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