Globally Patented Horse Riding Simulators on Fast Track in World Market

Virtual Reality Horse Riding Simulator “FORTIS-P1R

FORTIS-P1R Fine All Corp.’s “FORTIS-P1R” horse riding simulator combines a high-end horse riding simulator offering 100 different types of horseback riding motions and a virtual reality (VR) software system consisting of a computer and a large display (40″~50″ LED display or cylindrical rear projection screen). As a multimedia-integrated system, the model lets the user experience the horseback riding more vividly. It is not only an exercise equipment but also a leisure-activity product. It can also be used as a rehabilitation equipment.

Fortis-SOUL Horse Riding Simulator for Household Use “FORTIS-SOUL

A household-use horse riding simulator from Fine All Corp., “FORTIS-SOUL” is designed for use at home. Featuring silent operation, excellent ride comfort and exciting movements, the model offers various horse-back riding experiences, such as walk and gallop. Equipped with a high-quality LED panel, it works well as equipment for diet and weight training.

Horse Racing Simulator “FORTIS-P3”

Fine All Corp.’s “FORTIS-P3” horse racing simulator enables the user to experience both horse racing and horseback riding. The model realizes the full pace gallop motion of professional jockeys. Its speed can be adjusted by 20 stages. For an improved reality, audio and video equipment can optionally be provided.

More Details

  • Brand : FORTIS
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Founded in 1989, Fine All Corp. has entered the limelight by constantly releasing a variety of horseback riding simulators. Today, the company’s products are widely applicable for fitness, sports, rehabilitation and entertainment uses. It has been designated as an “INNO-BIZ” company and an “Promising Export Company” by Korean Government.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Due to the innovative excellence of its products, Fine All Corp. has won “Gold Medal” at INPEX, one of the world’s representative invention fair held in Pittsburgh, the US. To better meet the changing demand overseas, the company has recently released advanced horse racing simulator combined with multimedia equipment.
  • With ISO 9001 international certification, Fine All Corp. has actively won foreign approvals for its products, such as CE, US ETL and GOST. The company has also acquired technological patents in the US, the EU, Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, as well as in Korea.
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