Albatross 3

Albatross 3 is a golf simulator system that allows playing a round of golf on the screen created with precise activity information from actual measurements, and is upgraded with a new widened booth and touch screen kiosk to provide a better golfing environment. Since Albatross 3 deliberately does not modify trajectory information by using a specific club’s average speed, trajectory angle, final driving distance and etc., the player can enjoy unlimited club choice depending on their personal strategy to the round of golf, unlike other simulators. Also, the player would feel best sense of reality because it creates not only a simulated field based on actual measurement and photographs of the most popular domestic and international golf course, but also excellent three-dimensional rendering methods and design effects including trees, grass and even the breeze.

Albatross-3 In addition, players can enjoy their entertainment through various types of game mode. If you have only one person to play with, a single match is prepared, and Fourball match is suitable for two in a two-team match. You can practice anything you want or difficult one such as putting or bunker shot. Also, anyone can participate in one event just like LPGA, PGA through Competition Mode online.

Components: Screen, Laser Line Generator, System Parts, Trajectory Sensor Board, Screen Projection, Golfer’s Box, Booth, Golfer’s Part Forepart, etc.

About the Company

CTG Inc. was established in 2001 under the banner of “The One World’ and is currently trying to take the lead in the worldwide market. CTG Inc. was successful in positioning itself as a leader in the domestic and international golf simulator market in an expanding and diversifying business field. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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